"Temple Street"

Teramachi Dori 寺町通 (which directly translates to Temple Street...well, Temple Town Street I suppose!) is a covered shopping arcade in the heart of Kyoto City. In Teramachi you can find practically anything from clothes (the latest styles, vintage shops and traditional Japanese kimonos), touristy knick-knacks, used books, fancy Japanese green tea and enough restaurants and cafes to make your head spin.  When B and I were in Kyoto the other day, it was HOT, so we ducked into Teramachi (and it's neighbor, Shinkyogoku, another covered shopping street that runs parallel to Teramachi) to escape the heat.  The shopping streets were surprisingly quiet, making for a pleasant walk! We even meandered a bit further than usual so B could have a look at some used book shops, so I got to see a part of Teramachi I hadn't been to before.

The street is named Teramachi because years ago it was lined with temples.  There are still a few scattered amongst the shops and buildings.

Even though you feel like you've stepped back in time, there are still signs of modern Kyoto everywhere!

It was hot, hot, HOT! Luckily Kyoto (and the rest of Japan) is dotted with vending machines so that hot tourists can get a cold bottle of green tea anytime, anywhere. Oh, Japan, you are very convenient!

After our walk, we made our way back to Takashimaya to watch the sunset over Kyoto with some fried food and beers. Yes, again.

Random fact: Japan loves head on beer (they call it the "awa", or bubbles). Thank goodness it's an all you can drink beer garden!  Could you imagine paying for and being served this in any other part of the world?!?

Oh, Japan!

Well, my summer holiday is winding down, but I have a couple of other things in store for you yet...so be sure to come back!

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