Fun Find

It seems like every shop I look in has some little knick knack that makes you do a double take.  Usually the follow-up response to that second, closer look is, "now who in their right mind would pay money for that?"  Sometimes though, you take a closer look at something and realize how cool, clever, useful it really is and all of the sudden you need that!  That's how I felt the other day when B and I saw these on display in a quirky little shop in Grand Front Osaka.

Now, look closer (and have a giggle at the silly writing on the packaging)...

These are collapsible flower vases made out of heavy-duty plastic.  Now, you're probably the one thinking, "Liz, c'mon! You didn't seriously spend money on that, did you?!?"

Yes, I did!  And I'll tell you why, aside from it being kinda cute.  Japanese houses and apartments are TINY, with very little storage space.  If you're anything like me, perhaps you too like to bring a little color into you're closet-sized room with fresh flowers.  The problem is, where do you keep the vase/jar/flower receptacle when it isn't in use?  (It's a real dilemma, trust me!  One that goes through my head before almost every purchase I make here.)  Well, this fun little vase can fold flat and be slotted in practically anywhere, making the storage dilemma obsolete. Genius!

They are made by De - Bros and you can see other designs on their website.  The vases come in pairs, and B and I picked up a set for ourselves and some as gifts.  I'm loving mine as it adds a fun way to bring some color into my little apartment!

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