Making A Statement

I discovered a new shop last weekend.  It's called GU (pronounced gee-yoo, not goo!).  It's owned by the same company as Uniqlo, sort of what Old Navy is to Gap.  It was a treasure trove of simple, inexpensive clothing and I had to really enforce some self control to keep from buying everything in sight (B was even being a very bad influence!!).  It was a very exciting discovery, indeed.

Among other things, I picked up several simple jersey knit maxi dresses for 500 yen each - that's like $5...a steal!  They are all very comfy, but also very plain, so almost like blank canvases begging to be dressed up.

One trend I love, but have been hesitant to try is the statement necklace.  I have seen them all over the internet and they are in all of the shops as well.  They add an instant pop of color to any outfit, and, along with a simple belt would be the perfect accompaniment to one of my new maxi dresses!

Here are some of my favorites:

statement necklaces

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