Summer Nights

I mentioned in my last post that it has been HOT lately.  Hot.  Very hot.  We're talking an average of 38 degrees Celsius (that's 100 degrees Fahrenheit) and very high humidity.  No, it is admittedly not as hot as the UAE, but with the humidity it feels so much hotter! It makes being outside without a specific destination in mind very uncomfortable, and that's coming from me, a sun worshiper who wants a coat for any temperature below 20C/68F (I'm only exaggerating a little, actually, no, I'm probably not exaggerating at all).  This heatwave has kept us indoors with the AC running constantly (I cannot wait to see my electricity bill this month...) for most of the week. 

After a lazy day spent inside, B and I decided to get out of the shoebox apartment and head into Umeda to get a cold drink at Starbucks.  It was such a pleasant evening.  The sun had gone down just far enough to not beam down on us and there was a lovely, cool breeze that swept between the buildings.  We decided to explore a new part of Umeda (there's always a new part of the city to explore) and found a really nice new Starbucks.

B has gone from, "I don't do coffee" to, "I'll have a grande iced hazelnut soy latte" in about a year...I've created a monster!

Lighten up, Osaka!!

When the sun goes down, Osaka lights up :)

Since the evening was young and such a relief from the searing hot temperatures we had been having, we wandered around for some time before joining the queue for dinner at the World Beer Museum restaurant in Grand Front Osaka. 

I don't think you should be allowed to wear a Hofbrauhaus t-shirt if you're going to pour beer like that!

 B had to try the only Welsh beer on the menu (he wouldn't recommend it though!)

Blonde, like me! :)

The waitress cut the sausages before I could take a picture of them! We can cut our own food, thank you very much!

It was a little pricey and the food was only so-so, but the vast selections of beers from around the globe made it worth the wait and lots of fun.  I'm really looking forward to trying the World Wine Museum restaurant across the hall! 

Thanks for a great night, Osaka!

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