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Last night while I was doing the dishes I noticed how tight my back, neck, shoulders, legs, heck, my entire body felt.  Teaching four and five year olds really takes it out of you! I spend most of the day sitting on the floor, in tiny chairs or bending over mini-tables and I'm starting to feel it (Oh man, I sound old!)  No wonder I come home sore and exhausted!

I started playing around with yoga a few years ago and really got into it, but given my busy schedule it sort of got pushed to the side.  While I was in the early stages of my yoga phase, I downloaded a selection of yoga videos of all different lengths and target areas.  Last night, once the kitchen was clean, I rolled out my yoga mat and chose an "evening wind-down" video.  It was only 10 minutes long, but it was just what the doctor ordered.  I felt stretched and refreshed, and best of all, motivated to devote a bit more time to taking care of myself each day!  I've never taken a real yoga class, but maybe it's time I look around and try to find something.

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