Beauty Goals: Lipstick!

I can count the number of times I've worn lipstick on two hands (not number of shades, but actually times I've worn it!).  I see people wearing gorgeous shades all the time, but no matter what whenever I decide to buy one from Target or Walmart, I get home, try it on and decide I look like a clown.  The lipstick gets thrown into a drawer and there is stays.  I want to be one of those girls that wears lipstick, though.  Since my birthday is fast approaching, I have decided (randomly enough) to treat it like the New Year and make a resolution that this year is to be the year of lipstick!

After reading countless beauty blogs and watching YouTube tutorials (yeah, I do do too...don't deny it) I decided I wanted to try the Clinique Lip Pop Color + Primer.  They had gotten such great reviews and I was familiar with Clinique (and the price seemed reasonable).  So, I took myself to the nearest Clinique counter to give them a try, and came home with two!
I had originally planned on one of the nude shades, but I ended up I picking up number 5 Melon Pop, a light, peachy color and (surprisingly) number 6 Poppy Pop, a bright orange-y coral.  I sort of tried Poppy Pop on a whim, just out of curiosity, prepared to hate it and laugh at myself for even considering it.  Boy was I surprised when I loved it!
(Left: Poppy Pop; Right: Melon Pop...yep, I took the pictures in the grass!!)

I think these two shades are a good start on my lipstick education.  I am already eyeing a few other shades from Clinique's line and can't wait for fall when I am planning on diving head first into bolder red and plum shades.

If you're regularly a chapstick wearer like myself, I can't recommend the Clinique Lip Pops enough.  They don't feel (or taste) like the other drug store brands I've tried at all, and I think I might be converted!

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