Dragon Boat Races

Last weekend Five Rivers played host for the annual Dragon Boat Festival as a fundraiser for the Fuse Project.  My aunt was rowing for one of the teams, so we lathered on the sunscreen and went over to check it out.  
(You can see Mobile in the distance, there.)

I don't know how many teams participated, but there were lots, all with creative team names and t-shirts to match.  Some people (I think the drummers mainly...) really got into the spirit and dressed up in costumes!  Each boat had 21 crew members - 20 rowers and a drummer, who kept the pace on a taiko at the bow of the boat.  The boats were captained and steered by representatives from Dynamic Dragon Boat Racing, a company that goes around the country providing boats and captains for events like this one.
The races themselves were similar to horse races, in that there was lots of waiting in between short, exciting spurts of actual racing.  The spectators lines the shores to cheer for the boats, making for a really lively atmosphere.
When it got too hot to stand in the sun and watch the races, we moved into the shade where we stumbled upon a little petting zoo!  There were ponies, goats, ducks, chickens, fence climbing sheep and the cutest little piglets you've ever seen (who were way too fast to get a photo of!).
It was a fun event for a good cause.  If you ever see Dragon Boat Races advertised in your area, check them out!  They're pretty neat!


  1. I love Dragon Boat races. I used to watch them along Tuscaloosa's Black Warrior River. They are a lot of fun to watch! One of my friends is on a team in DC, and her team is going to Germany in July to race! Sounds like a fun weekend!

    1. Hi Caitlin! That's so cool that your friend will go race in Germany. Best of luck to them!