Weekend in Review

Another weekend has come and gone.  It's not like I have anything pressing to do on a Monday morning during the summer...in fact, the days just sort of blur together and I find myself having to check my phone to remind myself what day it is.  I love that feeling though, when it doesn't matter whether it's Wednesday or it's Saturday because you have absolutely nothing that you need to do.

Since all the days are blending together I think it's nice to mark the start of the week by looking back on what I've been up to (and looking ahead at what's to come!)
Just last week I posted my review of Paper Towns.  In that post I mentioned that I was about to begin reading The Vacationers.  Well, I'm almost done with it so I hope to review it for you soon.  This is what happens when the sun is shining and I have absolutely nothing better to do than float around the pool and read.  I hope you can keep up with my summer reading, since I'm flying through!

I did a little bit of beer "chemistry" the other day.  When you learn about a drink called the Harry Potter and you're as obsessed with the books and movies as I am, how can you resist mixing one up?!?

I also picked up a couple of lipsticks.  I want to become that girl who just wears lipstick on a daily basis.  The only way to start is to actually invest in some lipstick!

I have a slightly busy week ahead, in that I have something to do on Tuesday.  That something includes spending a day in the French Quarter in New Orleans before heading to the airport to meet Bryn, who flies in that evening.  As much as I hate that he is having to fly 18+ hours, (torture for someone who hates being holed up on an airplane) I absolutely cannot wait for him to get here!  I think there will be two of us getting no sleep - him from being crammed in a tiny seat and me from excitement!

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