The Shed

After his 24+ hours of traveling, Bryn needed a good "welcome to the states" meal, and what better to feed someone who is stuck in a country that doesn't serve pork or alcohol than BBQ and beer?!  We did just that and stopped for dinner at The Shed Barbecue and Blues Joint in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  (There are multiple locations, but apparently this is the original one).  
It's quite the establishment, and pretty famous.  Not only has it been featured on the Food Network, but it has it's own Food Network series!  
I think the best word to describe The Shed is eccentric.  I wish I had a better photo of the whole place (wrong lens, no light, no luck!).  It's made up of a series of mismatched wooden, well, sheds.  Seating is a combination of "inside" and outside...inside in quotes because none of the buildings seemed to have four walls...perhaps they do in winter, who knows!
The ceiling is made of foam insulation and is absolutely covered with one dollar bills stuck in with plastic forks!  The walls are covered with everything from license plates, to humorous signs to animal heads so there is always something to look at. 
They specialize in, you guessed it, BBQ and have their own sauce, which we even found for sale in the local supermarkets.  It's probably not a place for vegetarians...the cashier who took our order pointed out that the potato salad had bacon in it...and the coleslaw! They also boast a very complete beer list with over 150 varieties available!  Seating is mostly family style, and give the restrooms a visit...all the stall doors are shower curtains!  As I said, eccentric is the only way to describe the place!!  Service is fast and friendly and the BBQ is worth it.  So, if you're on I-10 in Mississippi take exit 57 and head north, it's on the left (you can't miss it!)

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  1. Liz! Thank you for writing about your experience with us. It means a lot to us. We're glad to hear you enjoyed everything. Thank you for getting fed at the Shed!!!