Blakely State Park

(I had completely forgotten about these photos since I had taken them on Dad's camera.  (I had conveniently brought my cameral along, but the SD card stayed at home...bad photographer!)  Anyways, better late than never, here's a little peak into me and Dad's trip to Blakely State Park.)

Earlier this spring a slow subbing day gave Dad and I time to go check out Historic Blakely State Park.  Located on the banks of the Tensaw River, it's a beautiful park full of hiking trails and battlefields (it was the site of the final battle of the American Civil War, but actually took place after General Robert E. Lee had surrendered...lots of needless death.)  We spent the better part of the afternoon looking around the breastworks on the battlefield and strolling down the boardwalk that runs along the river.  

Even though it doesn't have the grand castles and cobblestoned streets of Europe or the zen temples and shrines of Japan, the US certainly does have lots of it's own history, right in our backyard.

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