Working Out: Yoga

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I've never been a runner.  At university I did go to the gym on and off for the occasional spin class, but exercise has never really been my thing.  When I was living in Japan joining a gym wasn't really an option where I lived, so I started doing the odd yoga video - never more than a 15-20 minute practice though.

It was when we moved to the UAE and I was a desperate housewife that I found myself with more time on my hands and tried doing longer videos, and I started loving it.  Missing my yoga time would really throw me off!

Since I've been back in the states I've been practicing yoga pretty much daily.  It hasn't been until the last few months of regular practice that I've really started to notice the strength I'm building from my practice, but I think it's pretty amazing!

I'm not opposed to public classes (I've never actually been to one, so I can't really judge) but I'm perfectly content to continue my own home practice.  My favorite YouTube channels for yoga workouts are Yoga With Adriene and Sarah Beth Yoga.  Yoga with Adriene is awesome.  She has so many videos for all ability levels and her personality and techniques are perfect for me.  Try out her 30 Days of Yoga challenge, you won't be disappointed!  Sarah Beth Yoga is a new discovery for me.  I love her power yoga workouts - they are really challenging, but I always feel like I've really exercised when I'm finished.

My next challenge for myself is meditation.  I took tai chi classes in the UAE and my favorite part was the silent meditation at the end of class (I have this thing about silence - I love it).  Now I just need to become disciplined enough to do it on my own!  I've downloaded a couple of apps to help, so I'll let you know how they go.

Have a great weekend (perhaps with a little yoga in there somewhere?)!


  1. I tried yoga once but didn't really enjoy it. I wish I did seems like such a great way to get in shape without being too hard on your body!

    1. Hi Christine, it took me a while to get into it, but I do love how low-impact it is!