Back in Tango: Part 1

Last weekend was a long awaited 3-day weekend in Japan.  B and I took full advantage and hopped on a train north, to our old stomping grounds of the Tango peninsula.  We arrived at Amanohashidate station mid-afternoon on Saturday where our good friend Toshiko was waiting for us.  We all hopped into her car and headed to Ine for some ice cream (the lengths we will go for ice cream!!)

After cones and a mini photo shoot (I am turning into a monster!), we went back to Amanohashidate to play tourists until dinner.  Thankfully, Toshiko and B were happy to chat while I snapped away.  (On a side note, I'm quite happy with how my skills are progressing!!)

We had Chie no Mochi, or wisdom mochi at Amanohashidate.  Very yummy!

We also shared some Chiegori, or wisdom ice! Wow - so good!!

So, turns out I took a lot (like a lot) of photos, so we'll save some for another post ;)
1000 paper cranes in among the ema (the wooden plaques where people write their wishes) at Chion-ji Temple.

 Jizo statues

When visiting a historic spot with Bryn, you must read every sign.

  Super cute temple kittens!


  1. Looks like you guys had a wonderful weekend!
    I can tell where every single place in those photos is!


    1. It was a fun weekend, very natsukashi!! We're working on beer garden plans and I'll keep you posted :)