For months I was looking at photos of Hunter Wellington boots on Tumblr, Pinterest, various blogs and in magazines.  I wanted a pair.  Bad.

But I lived in the UAE, which, if you're unfamiliar with the area is the desert.  It's hot, dry, sandy and rains about 1/2 a day a year.  I really had no excuse to need a pair of rubber rain boots.

Now that I'm in Japan and it rains fairly regularly, I decided I might be able to warrant their purchase, but they definitely aren't cheap rubber boots!  I hummed and hawed over them for months, until about two weeks ago, it started raining.  It wasn't just raining, it was pouring, and according the the weather forecast it wasn't going to stop for several days!!

As I squished towards the train station in my sopping wet Nikes, I resolved to go straight to the store and buy myself a pair of Hunters.  So, I squashed right into the fancy Isetan department store with all the glamorous ladies-who-lunch and yummy mummies and got myself some boots!

I'll tell you what, they have already come in very handy since the rainy season has been extra wet so far this year.  I also have to admit that I get a tiny bit excited when I see rain in the forecast - any excuse to wear my rain boots!

(The top 3 pictures are from Tumblr, if they are yours let me know and I'll give credit or remove them as needed.  The other pictures were taken on my iPhone, and edited using the A Beautiful Mess app!)

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