Happy Thoughts

This time last year we were road tripping down the east coast, wandering the streets of Charleston and Savannah.

Here goes week two (they are coming much easier this week. I think that's a good sign!!)

•B is here for 5 weeks. It's so nice to have someone to window shop with, go out to eat and make my dinner even! The greatest part is having my best friend in the same city!!

•Making grand plans for the future. Let's face it, they really aren't all that grand, but they are still exciting.

•Hot summer days. Most people complain about this kind of weather, but it is perfect to me (especially with the fan we bought last night).

•Shopping for cameras and camera accessories. I'm really loving my new interest in photography, and I'm hoping it will start to shine through here.

•Surprises. B totally surprised me with a little blue box from Tiffany & Co. I'm one lucky girl!

We're traveling over the long weekend, but I will try to get back to the regular swing of things next week.  Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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