Rachelli Gelato

There is a bustling shopping area that surrounds Osaka's Hankyu Umeda station, called Chayamachi (茶屋町), which is one of my favorite places in Osaka to wander around when I need a break, or just want to waste time.  When I lived in Japan before, this area was scoady, smelly, and overall a sketchy place to be.  I never would have walked around by myself the way I do so often nowadays.  Now, however, it is clean, modern and a really charming area to visit.  There are lots of fancy buildings filled with boutique-y shops, some brand names (H&M opened in April), cafes and trendy restaurants galore. 

Most of the time there are local artists exhibitions scattered around, making it very colorful and always changing.  On weekends there is usually live music outside of the smaller cafes.

 It is especially pretty at night, when twinkling fairy lights line the streets.

A while back I had discovered (in one of the new-to-me-malls) an Italian gelato shop that looked fun and very yummy.  Since I have someone to drag around with me this summer, I thought it was about time I gave it a try!  Luckily I never have to twist B's arm too hard when ice cream is involved.

Rachelli is located on the second floor of Nu Chayamachi (across the street from Loft and the huge Maruzen book store).  The friendly staff scooped B and I huge "single cups" of creamy gelato...coffee for me and caramel walnut for B. 

We both had a hard time choosing a flavor, so we will definitely be back before he leaves! (I want to try the raspberry and rose flavors, and he needs to try matcha and pistacio - that's at least two more trips!!)

I'll try to start reviewing and posting more of the cafes and restaurants in that area, and in other parts of Osaka - hey, it gives me a pretty good excuse to go!!

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