On Sunday I was invited to my friend Nahomi's house for lunch and to hang out with her and her kids for the afternoon.  I rode the monorail (monorail, monorail!, monorail...haha) to the end of the line, where Nahomi, Kaho and Kaishi met me to give me a lift to their house.

We stopped by McDs on the way for some burgers...McDonalds on a Sunday is a mad-house! There was someone to control traffic, and a person handing out menus to everyone waiting in line for the drive-thru.  On a completely different note, McDonalds in Japan is really considered a family restaurant in Japan, far more than a fast food joint.  Everything is made fresh and to order, service is good, and they are clean...very different from their US cousins!

Lunch in hand, we headed to Nahomi's house to eat, and spent the afternoon chatting and playing with Legos and Thomas the train (Kaishi's toy of choice!).  Her kids are so cute.  I was telling Nahomi that if I could be guaranteed kids like her's, I might want some of my own.  However, being a teacher I know they aren't all like that, so I'll continue to just give them back at the end of the day.

After a while we decided to break for a snack, which was when the surprise came.  Nahomi had known it was my birthday and gotten me a cake!  Not just any cake, a matcha cake :)  It was such a lovely surprise!  I even had help to blow out the candles :)

 Kaho wasn't allowed to stick her fingers in the cake, but I let her lick the icing off the candles!

Birthday present :)
After chatting for a bit longer I noticed the time and decided that unfortunately, I needed to get home to get things sorted for the week.  Nahomi and her kids are so nice, and I always really enjoy spending time with them.

It was a really good weekend.  I wasn't ready for it to end (I'm never ready for the weekends to end).  How many more days til I can retire?

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