Summer Wish List

In two weeks time I have my summer holiday (1 flippin' week...a disgrace to summer if you ask me).  Tell me again why I wanted to work at a place with basically zero vacation time?! Whatever, I'm retiring soon enough.

Anyways, it doesn't look like my summer holiday will be spent on the beach or lying beside the pool, but rather Starbucks-hopping around Kansai.  However, if I were going on a proper vacation, this is what I would be taking with me! (My credit card is probably thankful I'm staying put!)

Bathing suits.  For whatever reason I am into black and white at the moment, and I really like these two: Left and Right

If I were going to splurge, it would definitely be on this suit! top and bottom

A good cover-up is always necessary and I think this one looks cute and comfortable.

Of course I will need fun sandals and sunglasses to complete my pool/beach side ensemble.

Let's not forget a beach bag to pack all my summer essentials in, and a hat to keep the sun off my face.

Now that my imaginary suitcase is packed, I'm going to go get a Lime Refresher from Starbucks and pretend like I am drinking it here:

(Both images from tumblr.)

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