Happy Thoughts

It has been a blah week. Going back to work after a long weekend or holiday is always hard.  Heck, going back after a normal weekend is hard! I'm extra-tired and am really struggling to care about almost anything. I definitely need some happy thoughts in my life, so let's see what I can muster up...

• Catching up with old friends in Tango over the weekend (especially karaoke with Matt and Mario! I haven't laughed like that in too long.)

• New nail polish. I picked up Essie's 'Barefoot and Topless' and 'Minted Candy Apple' and love them both! B actually picked out the latter, but it's one I've been looking for for ages.

• Starbucks twice in one week! If I can make tomorrow a Frappuccino Friday, that'll make my week very happy. (I just looked it up and I've been spelling FrappUccino wrong forever...how embarrassing! My apologies, Starbucks!)

• Going home early twice this week. I've taken an afternoon of unpaid leave each week while B is here. (No such thing as paid leave at this job.) Not being at work makes me realize how ready/excited I am to retire. (C'mon March!!)

• Photography. I've really been trying hard to improve my photography skills, and even though they still have a long way to go, I am so, so, so pleased with how they are progressing. I'm hoping they will just keep getting better!

Both are pictures of my parents' cats I took last summer...they are so silly.

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