Beer Garden

After an afternoon of ice cream cones and site seeing, B and I met up with our good friend Yoko (who I worked with for four years) and her boyfriend Hiroyuki for drinks and dinner at the Amanohashidate Hotel Beer Garden. 

It's right on the water - the perfect location if you ask me!

If Japan does one thing well in summer, it's beer gardens.  Some are just out on a patio, like at the Amanohashidate Hotel, and others are on the rooftops of the citys' tallest sky scrapers.  You pay a set fee and get all the drinks you can drink and all the food you can eat all night long.  We plan on visiting several over the next few weeks!

It was a great evening spent with old friends and new, and, beer gardens usually close early enough that if you behave yourself and go straight home (and let's face it, there's not many other options in the Japanese countryside!) you are good to go the next morning!!

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