8 Things I'm Looking Forward To

1.  A BIG trip next week.

2.  Seeing my friend Jannie on said BIG trip!

3.  Christmas markets in December (I can already taste the mulled wine!)

4.  The P.F. Changs in Al Ain Mall to open.  It's bound to happen any day now!

5.  Fall TV to start.  It's always an exciting time of year!

6.  BBQ weather.  It's almost pleasant enough to want to sit outside in the evenings.  Once we get back from the BIG trip I mentioned, we're going shopping for a grill - (Bryn's Christmas present from last year)!

7.  My next hair cut.  It's not til the end of October, but I'm looking forward to it!

8.  Visitors in January.  Some of the girls I worked with in Osaka are coming to Dubai this winter and it's going to be great!

Photos are of my Japanese green tea I made last week when I was having an I miss Japan moment.

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