Taking Stock: September

(A year ago I was visiting Osaka Castle!)

I see these type of posts all over the place, and since the majority of my week is spent hidden away in our apartment (not complaining), I decided why not!  It reminds me of the "surveys" that people used to pass around chain letter style through email when I was in high school (they were so cool).  At least it will give you a little insight into what's going on in my life!

Cooking bread! I've done sourdough (with my own starter I made from scratch) and just yesterday I made a no-knead loaf that turned out so good.  I'll definitely be making it again!
Drinking water all the time.  When I get dehydrated I get a terrible headache, and it can happen in the blink of an eye since it's so, so dry here.
Reading travel guide books and a little $.99 novel I downloaded onto my Kindle the other day.
Making a bar cart.
Wanting oh my gosh everything.  I've been in a major shopping mood over the last couple of weeks.  Luckily for our bank account I talk myself out of pretty much everything, but that's not helping to scratch my shopping itch now is it...
Looking at recipes.
Playing Wii Fit.  I got it out and changed the batteries the other day and am really into it!
Missing fall.  The rest of the northern hemisphere seems to be stocking up on sweaters and drinking pumpkin spiced lattes...I'm sweating because I insist on wearing a sweatshirt because it is "cozy" even though it's not the least bit chilly here.
Wishing that I had an EU passport.
Enjoying not having a real job.  
Waiting for clothes to dry so that I can iron them.  I put on Gossip Girl while I'm ironing which makes me sort of look forward to doing it!  
Loving that it looks a little bit overcast outside (though it might be the tinted windows).  Bryn and I were just saying last night how much living in a place like this makes you appreciate weather in general.
Pondering whether I should go take a shower now or later (don't worry, it will happen).
Watching Orange is the New Black.  I wasn't sure about it at first, but am really enjoying it now.
Hoping House Hunters International comes on today (I'm kind of obsessed with that show).
Needing to organize this little office room - it's sort of a mess.
Wearing anything comfortable...not like I ever leave the house!
Eating homemade salsa, carrots and hummus and pressed cucumbers (don't I sound healthy?)!
Craving a Nando's chicken pita.
Admiring other people's photography...why can't I take photos like that?!  
Bookmarking recipes and photography websites.

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