And I'm Off!

Bryn and I are off to Dubai tonight so that we can be at the airport bright and early tomorrow to fly to New Zealand!  I'm so excited I can't even explain!!!!  I'm busy packing and doing all the little things you do before going on holiday.  It's times like these when it's really nice not to be working.  I can take care of all the stuff at home without feeling rushed (like making sure the laundry is done and house is tidy...there's nothing worse than coming home from a trip to a dirty house and loads of clothes to be washed), and Bryn only has to worry about packing his bag when he gets home from work.

I've arranged for some fun posts to go up while I'm away and I can't wait to share all the photos and stories from my travels when I get back. In the meantime to tide you over I'm leaving you with some links I've come across recently.  

54 Things you didn't know about Gossip Girl Oh how I miss you, Gossip Girl!  I still watch this show over and over (I'm in the top 10 in the UAE in the Gossip Girl category of QuizUp!)  This one's for all you other GG lovers out there, XOXO!

Amazing photos from the Smithsonian photo contest, "Wilderness Forever" Some of these photos are aMAYzing!  They inspire me to keep practicing my photography.

I recently decided should have studied computer science and coding while I was in college.  I've been doing the free courses on Codecademy in my spare time to try and teach myself.  Maybe there's still hope! I will forget about this site for months on end, then randomly visit it and remember how entertaining (and true) it is.  We used to find this kind of stuff in Japan all the time!

Have you seen/heard Emma Watson's speech to the UN?  Having lived in two countries where the idea of gender equality is completely unheard of (don't get me started on the UAE, less so on Japan, but still cringe-worthy) I know this is a huge issue.  Go, Emma Watson! I'm impressed.

Of course I'll be on Twitter and Instagram as much as I can while I'm traveling, so be sure to follow me there (both @lizhthomas)!  

Photo from my Tumblr

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