Making Autumn

Seasons don't really exist here in the UAE.  Basically there's hot, really hot, and pleasant.  The really hot part of the year has finished, so we're into the hot season now.  Pleasant will come in late December and last a couple of months if we're lucky.  Then hot will return for a while before really hot sets in again.  For a girl who hates being cold, this is a good mix of seasons, but it does leave me missing fall.

The official start of fall in the US is just around the corner, and while most of the northern hemisphere is going on about cooler temperatures and layering clothes, we're here trying to create a little piece of fall in our apartment.  Here is how we are making it feel a bit more like fall...

^^ An autumn wreath^^

^^Fall flowers^^

^^Seasonal wall hanging from Japan^^


^^And Bryn's favorite, our turkey!^^

At least these have finally made their way to the UAE!! (Or, you can make your own Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer!)

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