A Day in Dubai

Well, here we are again at the start of a new week.  My brain tells me it's Monday, but my calendar reminds me that it's Sunday.  I've yet to get used to the Sunday - Thursday work week and am forever getting my days mixed up...it drives Bryn crazy!

We got up early to go to Dubai Mall on Satur...FRIDAY morning (to beat the crowds...we find trying to maneuver the parking garages anytime after 10 on the weekend to be a bit of a nightmare).  As we got into Dubai there was a sight that you don't see everyday here in the desert - clouds!  Not many, mind you, but definitely a few whispy white things hanging around the top of the Burj Khalifa.  I tried my best to get some shots of the world's tallest building and the Dubai Skyline between the light and sign posts.

We made a bee-line to Starbucks for breakfast while we waited for the rest of the mall to open.

Once we'd finished our coffees and croissants, we went for a walk and I took some photos in-between our shopping.  Nothing fancy, just some random practice pictures.

The aquarium always attracts a crowd, even before the stores are open.  I particularly like the starry "sky" when you look up!

Bryn and I are impressed with how the Arabic shop signs resemble their English counterparts.  I'm hoping to put together a little "guess the shop" post one of these days.

There is an enormous Kinokuniya in the mall.  It always reminds me of Japan! (Since Kinokuniya is a Japanese store and all...)

Malls always seem like a strange place to be taking pictures, but not Dubai Mall.  It's such a tourist attraction that you blend right in carrying a camera around.  

We made a detour into the desert on the way home, but more on that tomorrow!

I hope you are having a lovely lazy Sunday at home!

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