Throw Back Thursday: Rural Japan, 2008

Ok, so "rural Japan" is pretty vague since it describes four out of the five years I lived there.  I suppose I can get really technical and say, "A tiny rural village on an early Autumn day in October, 2008".  Is that a little more descriptive?  These photos were taken in a village called Ikaga, in Omiya, a town in the city of Kyotango.  Bryn was living in Osaka at the time and had come up to Tango for the weekend.  It was a perfect early autumn day and we just drove around aimlessly, as we often did.  We had okonomiyaki for lunch and probably a McFlurry before I dropped him back off at the station.  I love so much about the Japanese countryside, and these pictures have me longing to be sitting at a kotatsu eating perfectly ripe persimmons with a bottle of cold green tea.  Ok, perhaps in a couple months time since it's still hot and humid there now, but you get the picture!

Oh man, can we go there now, please?!?

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