TBT: Hiroshima & Miyajima, November 2007

This week's Throw Back Thursday is to 2007, my first year in Japan!  As you know, I was on the JET Program and all the JETs in Kyoto prefecture had come together in Kyoto city for the "Mid-year Conference".  Aside from seeing friends and wandering around the city in the evenings, it was a completely boring and useless day and a half!  

Following the conference Bryn, Jannie and I hopped on the shinkansen (bullet train) and set off for Hiroshima.  We were hoping to catch the changing leaves and were not disappointed!  We toured the city, visiting the tourist must-sees such as Hiroshima castle as well as the more somber Atomic Bomb museum.  (The museum is really well done, by the way.  I had been preparing myself to be glared at, being an American and all, but it really wasn't like that.  It's sad, but definitely worth a visit.)

We also spent a beautiful day on the island of Miyajima.  The leaves were pretty much at their peak - it's probably a good thing I was still using a little point and shoot camera at the time, or I would have had way too many pictures!  

P.S. I am SO excited to see Jannie next week!!

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