DIY Ikea Bar Cart

For the past year or so I have been dying for a bar cart.  I see photos like this

Or this

And I just have to have one.  I just think they are so classy!  

I've run into a couple problems on the search for the perfect one...first off is that the only ones I've seen here are incredibly expensive.  I'm all about investing in good furniture (one day), but while we're living overseas it just doesn't make sense to.  I don't want to spend a fortune on a beautiful bar cart, only to discover that we can't take it with us, or to have it ruined in transit if we do take it.  Second...ok, well I guess the first is the only reason, but it's a good one!

I wasn't ready to be defeated and just forget about the whole bar cart idea, so we just kept our eye out for an alternative.  It was on a random trip to Ikea when Bryn pointed out a baby changing table and said, "I bet that would make a good bar cart."  I was a bit skeptical, but at 99 dhs (about $25) it was worth a try.  So, we bought our very first (and probably last) piece of baby furniture!  We also got this wine rack on impulse.

Fast forward to a few months later...I finally got my act together and picked out a stain.  I spent a morning staining the changing table and wine rack and was pleased to find that it almost perfectly matched the rest of our dining room furniture!

We used a few old placemats to hide the white table tops, filled the wine rack and moved all of our wine glasses, liquor bottles and other cocktail making supplies onto the cart.  Ta-da!  A bar cart!

Both Bryn and I really like the (almost) finished product.  I'm hoping to eventually get some handles and wheels so that it is more cart than just table.  A tall lamp right next to it might also be a nice addition, but for now it's serving its purpose of clearing a cabinet in our kitchen and looking pretty snazzy in the process!  The best part is it cost less than 200 dhs to make!

I'm still hoping to get a real bar cart one day once we're in a more permanent place, but for now I'm more than pleased.

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