Current Obsession

(Image via Tumblr)
I have a little confession to make.  I am completely obsessed with flannel shirts.  I just love them.  They are comfortable, warm and perfect for cooler months.  I've got three, and it's taking all kinds of will power not to go buy a fourth that I've been eying the past few weeks.  Every morning I look in my closet and I immediately reach for one of my flannel shirts.  Occasionally I remind myself that I shouldn't wear one every day, at the risk of looking like a lumberjack!

Red and white check, Uniqlo || pink and green check, H&M (last year) || navy and white check, H&M

I'm also on the lookout for the perfect flannel pants, or better yet, a whole pajama set.  I'm sort of dreading the colder months to come when my apartment is like a refrigerator.  I'm in desperate need of some really warm and cozy pajamas!!

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