Instagram Challenge: Day 23

Day 23: Clouds in the Sky

There is a typhoon sitting over us.  It's making it very cloudy and wet, but not much to look at, so I dug up this picture I took in Kobe a few weeks ago.  It was a crisp, fall day with puffy, happy clouds dotting the clear blue sky (yes, there are such a thing as "happy clouds"!)

Today was my early day, meaning I could leave work at 2:30 as opposed to 6:00.  I love getting home at a decent hour, because it leaves me with time to cook a proper dinner!  Since it's raining and chilly, I made the coziest fall meal I could think of...chicken and dumplings.  I ate them while watching Downton Abbey and sipping on red wine and painting my nails (Essie "Hot Coco").  Perfect evening!

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