Instagram Challenge: Day 21

Day 21: Pumpkins Everywhere!

 Surprisingly I am seeing pumpkins almost everywhere!  This monstrosity is outside of Hankyu Umeda station.  A few weeks ago every flower shop I passed had mini pumpkins and gourds for sale, but at ¥300+ a pop ( usually on the higher end...¥500+...) I just can't bring myself to get one, besides, they seem to be sold out already. The bigger pumpkins I've seen on sale (few and far between) have all started at about $60.  Crazy!  Halloween is just around the corner though, and I have to start prepping my costume (I'm leaning that working in a preschool requires you to dress up for Halloween).  I'm making plans to go out with some people as well in order to make the costume a bit more worthwhile!!

Have a wonderful week!

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