Instagram Challenge: Day 28

Day 28: Keeping warm and cozy

Sorry, day 28 is a little late.  I was too busy keeping myself warm and cozy and completely forgot to post the picture on here!  You see, I am catching something...hopefully it's just a cold, or even better just a sore throat.  Regardless it left me feeling pretty poorly last night.  It forced me to set up my kotatsu for that extra bit of warmth.  A kotatsu is Japan's greatest invention - a coffee table with a heating element underneath, and a removable top.  In winter, take off the top and sandwich in a nice blanket or duvet, then replace the top, plug it in and switch 'er on.  Bliss!

I also made a batch of Rosie's Asian chicken noodle soup.  It's healthy, filling and all that ginger is good for cold season!!  It definitely hit the spot. 

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