Nara Tourist cont.

Several weeks ago I promised to post the rest of my photos from my trip to Nara.  As usual, life has been a little bit non-stop, and I haven't had much time to sit down and get it done.  Also I've been preoccupied doing my little Instagram Challenge, which has been making for easy blog posts.  Anyways, enough with the excuses, here are the pictures!!

After touring Todai-ji and seeing the big Buddha, Alison and Aisha wanted a bit of a break, so they stayed at the park at the bottom of the hill while I hiked up to explore and take more pictures.  What's on top of the hill?  Nigatsu-dou Hall, Hokke-dou Hall, Tamukeyama Shrine and a few other buildings ;)  Seeing as I had Alison and Aisha waiting for me, I tried not to doddle and didn't go inside, just a quick stroll to take some pictures. 

Look for the big orange tori above (when you exit Todai-ji, it'll be on the left) really can't miss it! Follow the rather rough path below...I wouldn't recommend heels... Even though it doesn't look it, this path was treacherous in flats and I had to be careful not to trip!!

The first signs of fall!!

Don't go back the way you came.  If you continue walking past Nigatsu-dou Hall, you will find this lovely path.  It's a little like stepping back in time, and will take you back down the hill and behind Todai-ji.  The walk might be one of my favorite parts of visiting Nara.

The path was dotted with artists sketching and painting.

Make sure you turn around and look back up the path :)

 Like I said, I was rushing a bit, which means I have another trip to Nara ahead of me sometime!

The sunset in Kyoto on the way home was also worth a photo!

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