November Photo-A-Day: 1

I've decided to set myself a challenge for November.  A photography challenge.  I'm going to be posting a new photo every single day during the month of November (or at least I'm going to try my best).  Some might be from my big camera, and others might come from my phone.  I'm really hoping this will give me a little push to get out and get creative.  

Today's photo is of our breakfast from yesterday morning.  I got the grand idea of making cinnamon rolls from scratch!  It wasn't until they were about to come out of the oven that I realized we didn't have any powdered sugar (we always have powdered sugar), so, these were icing-less cinnamon rolls, but were absolutely delicious!  I've been given specific instructions to cut back on the bake goods though, as Bryn just can't resist them!  That just gives me something to look forward to December when I can bake Christmas Cookies (which are definitely allowed, and encouraged).

I hope you're having a wonderful weekend (our's is almost over...) and check back tomorrow for day 2!


  1. Hi Liz and Bryn- Check out the Pioneer Woman's website. She has several different recipes for different flavored icings for cinnamon rolls. (And lots of other good recipes)
    Hope you and Bryn are well.
    Debbie McKay

    1. Hi Debbie! I actually used the Pioneer Woman's recipe and was going to make her icing too when I realized I was missing the main ingredient!! I'll have to check for non-powdered sugar recipes incase it ever happens again!

    2. That recipe makes the best cinnamon rolls. I am actually due to make some cinnamon rolls. A friend of mine made the maple icing and love it. (I don't know how easy it is for you to get maple syrup.) Debbie