Photo-A-Day: 7

We spent the day in Dubai Mall.  Do you know how difficult it is to find warm socks here? (We're gearing up for Christmas in Germany!)  Eventually we did find what we were looking for, and I was also able to replace my suitcase.  The one I just bought before leaving Japan already has a crack (so disappointed in it...) so it has been replaced with a bright yellow one!  I'm crossing my fingers this one lasts longer than it's predecessor!

Today's picture is from this morning.  We changed up our usual Dubai Mall routine and opted for Tim Horton's for breakfast.  Not only was it way cheaper than our usual Starbucks or Caribou, but we got to enjoy it outside by the fountain.  Any day that starts with coffee and bagels outside is bound to be a good one!

One more (taken by Bryn) of our view, just for fun...

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