Photo-A-Day: 21 (Toki Restaurant, Al Ain)

Ah, Friday!  There is no construction today, so aside from some banging neighbors and screaming children it's blissfully silent here.  I cannot wait to one day not share walls with someone...

I made a really, really good looking batch of coffee ice cream yesterday, and can't wait to dig into it after dinner!  As for dinner, there's a pot red beans bubbling away for red beans and rice AND dough rising for homemade bread.  Yum!

The other night Bryn and I went to the Hilton hotel to have dinner at Toki, a Japanese izakaya-style restaurant.  Bryn had been once before and said it was pretty good for a Japanese restaurant outside of Japan, so I was excited to try it out.  

In most izakayas you get your very own little private dining room, and Toki was no different.  Although Bryn said they do have tatami rooms, we had a western-style one with bench seats.  I suppose it's good if you have bad knees and don't want to sit on the floor, though!

^^Daikon Salad^^


^^Vegetable Tempura^^

It's definitely not a cheap restaurant, so we decided to share probably half the amount of izakaya style dishes that we might normally order, and each got a bowl of ramen on top of that.  In the end it turned out we probably didn't need the ramen, but it was really good and I highly recommend it!  Even though there was a huge sushi section on the menu, we steered clear since living in the middle of the desert means the fish can't possibly be fresh...

My photos pretty much suck (and I also just plain forgot to take photos of some dishes), but you get the idea!  If you happen to be in Al Ain and craving some decently authentic Japanese food, definitely give Toki a go.  

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