Photo-A-Day: 23

We had a good weekend here in the UAE.  After a nice dinner and visit with Bryn's dad and step-mother Friday evening, (by the way my red beans and rice were SO good, the bread turned out better than ever and the coffee ice cream was silky-smooth...I was so proud of myself!) we spent our Saturday on the couch reading and watching TV.  We watched The Hundred-Foot Journey - so good!  I highly recommend it!  Thankfully the banging from the construction has been at a minimum this morning, which is a good way to start off the week.  Fingers crossed it stays that way!

I hope you are having a nice, relaxing Sunday wherever you are!

(Oh, today's photo...Bryn picked up a couple of HUGE pomegranates that I de-seeded this morning.  They were such a pretty, ruby red that I thought I'd take a photo!)

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