Photo-A-Day: 30

I made it!  30 days, 30 photos.  For the most part I did well to take a new photo each day, with only a couple of cheats in there!  I've also spent the last few weeks backing up all of the photos on my computer onto external drives.  Looking back at old photos, I can tell that my photography has improved SO much, and I hope it just keeps getting better.

Bryn has the whole week off for the UAE's National Day. We couldn't believe it...we were anticipating 2 or 3 days, but a whole's crazy!  This morning we decided to head into Dubai to see Mockingjay.  It was the plushest theater I've ever been in, and aside from one other lady who came in late, we had the whole thing to ourselves.  We've had some pretty shocking movie theater experiences here in the UAE, so perhaps a weekday morning viewing is the safest way to go.  I really enjoyed the movie and can't wait for part two!

I'm back to my regular posting schedule for December (Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday).  We're off on an exciting trip in just a couple of weeks, so definitely watch out for those posts later in the month!

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