Photo-A-Day: 8

^^Huge lantern lights in the souq at Dubai Mall.^^

It's cloudy and overcast outside today, AND has been raining on and off this morning.  (ooooh, just heard a big rumble of thunder!  So exciting!) Bryn has gone out shopping and called to say he had driven through some really heavy patches!  You can count the number of days in the year with weather like this here on one hand.  It's nice to have a bit of a difference from the everyday blaring sunshine.

I thought I would end off my weekend (and start off your's!) with some of my current count-downs (I am always, always counting down to something, even if it's just the weekend!!)

18 days til Thanksgiving! (although it will be 19 days until we celebrate Thanksgiving...we push it back to Friday since it's not an actual holiday here, but it's nice to be able to celebrate it at all!)

40 days til Germany!  I cannot wait to see mom and dad (who are meeting us there!), feel the cold, winter weather and dive into my first steaming mug of gluhwein.  I'm so happy that visiting a European city with Christmas markets has become a holiday tradition for us and hope we can continue it!

46 days til Christmas!  Even though we're opting not to do presents this year (we're traveling instead) I am really looking forward to it.  Actually, I might be looking forward to it even more than usual without that added stress of gift shopping!

57 days til some of my friends from Japan come to visit.  I'm really, really looking forward to seeing them :)

Have a great weekend!

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