Photo-A-Day: 16

When Bryn and I were in Japan, between the two of us we had a pretty good collection of board games.  Recently we've been kicking ourselves for not bringing them with us to the UAE.  Of course, when we were moving we probably justified it by saying it wasn't worth the extra weight and we could replace them easily.  Do you know how expensive board games are?!  Perhaps they are overpriced here since they are all imported from the US or the UK, but we are not going to pay $50 for Monopoly...  We've stuck to card games up until recently when we broke down and bought a set of dominoes.   Our weekend was spent having domino marathons as opposed to our usual tv marathons (and roasting chickens and making tapioca, because I've watched New In Town way too many times in the last month and Bryn's new favorite word is tapioca - said with a midwestern accent.)

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