Photo-A-Day: 27 (Happy Thanksgiving!)

^^Bryn came home with a pomegranate the size of my head today!^^

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Living outside of the US it can be a bit difficult to celebrate some of those holidays that belong solely to the United States.  Take the 4th of July for example.  It is still a little bit strange for me that for everyone else in the world, it's just another day.  No BBQs, no fireworks, nothing.  I can get over that one, though.

The one that I miss the most when I am not in the States is Thanksgiving.  It's my favorite holiday because it involves little more than relaxing at home and enjoying a good meal with people you love. No need for decorations, costumes/getting dressed up or gifts (at least not in my family!).  I will say the one plus side of being outside the country today is missing the football...I do not miss football one little bit!  

^^One dish down, lots more to go!^^

While I was in Japan, I actually went back home for two of the five Thanksgivings I was there.  Bryn came with me for both of them, and now he's as American as they come when it comes to Thanksgiving (I hope he doesn't hate me for saying that!!).  It's also good that he learned all about the holiday through my family, so he expects my family recipes when it comes to Thanksgiving dinner!  There will never be any arguing over who makes better dressing or sweet potatoes in this house! 

Here in the UAE we are lucky enough to have a real oven (one that actually works about the Thanksgiving disaster of 2012 here!) and all of the ingredients are readily available thanks to the huge expat population here.  Of course, since Thanksgiving isn't actually recognized here, Thursday is a work day, so we're pushing our meal to tomorrow.  So, I'm spending the real Thanksgiving day cooking all the good things and cleaning house a bit.  

^^Pumpkin pie in progress!^^

I hope that wherever you are, and whatever you are eating today, you have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Liz! It's my favorite holiday, too, and I've been thinking the past few days how hard it'd be to miss spending with my family. I hope you and your husband had a lovely celebration!