Photo-A-Day: 15 (and our version of kinderpünsch!)

Last night was not a good night to live in this apartment building.  This morning wasn't a good morning to be here either.  Construction?  On a weekend?  Seriously.  If you absolutely must, can't you hold off until like 8am?!?  

Basically today is one of those days when I would rather be anywhere but here.  My plan is to "transport" myself to a Christmas market by turning up the air conditioning, curling up with a blanket, reading my book and drinking this hot cider all day (Bryn said it was more reminiscent of the kinderpünsch we had at the Christmas Markets in Vienna, so we'll go with that.)  Not that the reading the book part is very Christmas Markety, but just go with it.

This makes your kitchen (and hopefully the whole house) smell SO GOOD!  

Get out your crockpot and pour in a carton of apple juice and a carton of cranberry juice.  Stir in some ground ginger, nutmeg, a few cloves, cinnamon sticks and a star anise pod (if you have's just fine without).  We didn't measure anything, by the way...just sort of trial and error.  

Slice up an orange and an apple and throw them in the crockpot, too.  Turn it on and let it get hot, and stay hot all day long.  Drinking it out of a festive mug is pretty much mandatory.

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