Photo-A-Day: 17

Day 17 and here's another photo of inside my apartment.  It's boring, I get it.  Next month I will have some exciting stuff to post, and until then I'll at least try to keep my writing semi-interesting.   Here's a little peek into what's going on with me as of late.

Lately I've been...

Cooking lots of comfort food.  The longer the recipe takes, the better.  I've really enjoyed spending hours in the kitchen patiently waiting for something really good!
Drinking gingerbread lattes! Yep, I actually stepped out of the apartment for a nice holiday drink.  I really wish they did peppermint mochas outside of the US (hands down the best Starbucks invention EVER).  Perhaps that will be my next little challenge...recreate it at home :)
Reading The Paper Magician.  It started out really, really good but has quickly gotten really, really weird.
Making a dress.
Wanting November to move a bit more quickly.  October disappeared in a flash, but November is definitely dragging it's feet. (Isn't that always the way when you're looking forward to something?!?) Also an iPhone 6.  Not that I need one for Bryn to text me once daily on, but that's beside the point.
Playing Dominoes.  As I said yesterday, Bryn and I picked up a set over the weekend and it's saving us from watching too much TV.
Wishing that I had an EU passport. Still.  I said this last time I posted one of these lists.  
Enjoying doing yoga again.  Basically I haven't done anything active since we came back from New Zealand.  It was only yesterday that I pulled out my yoga mat and made myself do a short video.  It was good.  
Waiting for Thanksgiving!  Because that's the best holiday, and when it's over it means that our trip to Munich is just around the corner!  
Loving Taylor Swifts new album.  I usually only like to listen to music when I'm driving, but I've been playing her new CD on in the house pretty much everyday since it came out.  Also candles. We got some really nice ones from Bath and Body Works a few weeks ago and I have already burned through two of the big ones!  Bryn has instructions to pick up another one on his next trip to the mall!
Pondering whether I should take off my nail polish or not. I sort of want to change the color, but there's nothing wrong with what I'm wearing now.
Watching Lots of things, but loving The Vampire Diaries and The about being on the edge of your seat!
Hoping They finish banging on the house next door sometime soon...although I know it's hopeless.
Needing to finish backing up the photos on my computer.  It's turned out to be a much more time consuming job that I anticipated! 
Wearing non-weather appropriate clothing.  As in, sweatshirts even though it's not near cold enough.  
Eating too much junk.  Even though our meals aren't really unhealthy, they aren't really figure friendly either...oops.
Craving A peppermint mocha!  (Guess what I'll be doing later today...)
Bookmarking more like pinning!  I completely reorganized my Pinterest boards yesterday and have been pinning like crazy (especially on my explore board!)

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